End-to-end: Ingestion, transformation, and Serving.

Develop Analytics Products

Build a data platform and become more data driven as a company. Organise and model your data and systems to create a single source of truth (SSOT).

Data engineering lifecycle
Manage access control to data & systems.
Data Management.
Data modelling, data governance (discoverability, definitions, accountability) and data integrity.
Data Ops.
Excellent operations: CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-code, observability, monitoring and incident reporting.
Data Architecture.
Analyze trade-offs, design for agility and add value to the business.
Coordinate workflows, schedule jobs and manage tasks.
Software Engineering
Programming and coding skills, software design patterns, testing and debugging.

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Delivering value

Implement use cases in iterations

By using an iterative approach, we deliver proof of concepts quickly and consequently steer the project when the need arises. This ensures that we build exactly what you need.

We start with defining the use-cases we want to tackle, and assess the current state of the data architecture. We lay out the requirements together and aniticipate for future needs of the stakeholders.
We follow a iterative approach through the 'data engineering lifecycle', delivering a working product each sprint.
By taking you along in our process you can take off and implement new advanced use-cases with ease.
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Examples of technologies we work with

Google Cloud Platform

“I want to thank the BiteStreams team, and especially Donny Peeters & Maximilian Filtenborg, for delivering our tailored ‘performance analytics solution’ that will add a lot of value to our NextPax customers!”

Erik Engel
CEO, NextPax

Every company comes back for more

All of the companies we work with come back for additional iterations.

Projects delivered
Of actionable insights created per day

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