About Us

BiteStreams is a team of result-driven data specialists with backgrounds in Software, AI and Mathematics.

Max and Jeroen looking at max' laptop.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help scale-ups innovate and make an impact with Data.

DNA & Culture

Our Core Values

At the heart of everything we do, our core values guide our path and empower us to excel in our craft. These values are instrumental in keeping us on track and unleashing our true potential.

Best Practices

We wholeheartedly embrace and embody industry-leading best practices, continually seeking out and adopting the most effective methodologies in our work. By doing so, we deliver exceptional results consistently.

Clients At the Centre

We consistently go the extra mile for our clients, forging relationships built on trust and excellence. Our unwavering dedication ensures their success becomes our collective goal.

People First

We place a paramount value on our team members, fostering an inclusive and open environment that attracts the brightest minds. Our collective strength and shared knowledge enable us to excel together.

Driven by Impact

We acknowledge that the impact we create holds immense significance. Our focus revolves around generating tangible and meaningful outcomes for our clients, propelling their growth and unlocking their potential.

Innovation at Heart

We possess an unwavering commitment to innovation, perpetually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. By exploring uncharted territories, we continuously expand our horizons and unlock new opportunities for our clients.

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The Data Team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

  • Donny Peeters

    Data Engineer

    Donny is a mathematician who started freelancing as a software/data engineer before co-founding BiteStreams. He can quickly spot design quirks and adapt systems to business needs. In his free-time he likes to work out, read and go on trips.

  • Maximilian Filtenborg

    Data Engineer

    Maximilian is a machine learning enthusiast, experienced software & data engineer, and co-founder of BiteStreams. In his free time is into hiking and photography.

  • Thijs Blom

    Data Engineer

    Thijs loves diving deep into a problem to unravel its complexity, with his experience in software and data science he can solve any problem. His other passion in life is ballroom dancing.

  • Jeroen van Putten

    Data Advisor

    Jeroen gets his energy from dealing with people and problems. Given a background in venture capital and founder experience in an AI startup, he knows how to tackle (digital) business problems. In his free time he likes to run marathons and play golf.

  • Martin Arnold

    Data Analyst

    Martin likes to get to the bottom of any data he encounters. With his experience as a Data Analyst and background in Economics and Data Science, he knows how to leverage data to tackle business challenges. Outside of work, he is a enthusiastic cook and likes to play tennis.

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