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Software Development

Take your business and data to the next level by building tailor-made software solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions.

To build an application, service or model that has impact on your business
1-6 months
A well-tested and documented codebase, that could test and deploy itself automatically.
Why BiteStreams?
Our team has a lot of experience in software development and practices proven development techniques.

What this service is about

Not every company has data or software as part of their core business. Perhaps the software developers you do have are too busy developing domain knowledge or increasing the quality of your product. Perhaps you want to migrate to the cloud but do not need to hire a full time cloud engineer. Maybe your system is not performing well, but the only one who understands it properly is often occupied by urgent system issues. For all these scenarios where you miss out on doing important non-urgent development, you need the ability to fire up an experienced self-managing team that can quickly take your system to the next level.

What we can do for you

BiteStreams offers bespoke software solutions ranging from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to complex optimisation problems. We come in when your current system and architecture is hitting its limits. Big Data is very valuable, but often requires advanced technologies to manage it.

We have helped several companies decide on and implement well-designed data pipelines. We focus on delivering high quality, well-tested code that solves your business problem. We have extensive experience using various technologies and infrastructures, from small applications to large distributed cloud-based environments.

To eliminate waste and achieve the best results possible, we take the following steps:

Planning & Scope: First and foremost, we define the scope of the project together and discuss the results we want to achieve. Part of this process is to gather any external requirements necessary. Secondly, we set the expected begin date and end date of the development phase.

Development: In order to iterate fast, we work in short sprints where you have our full attention. After every sprint we evaluate our progress and decide with you the next steps to achieve our goals. Every sprint delivers a shippable product.


  • Fully integrated solutions that solve every aspect of the problem
  • We practice CI/CD and TDD for maximum quality and efficiency

We design our workflow around your needs, delive quickly and proactively involve you in the process.

Cases to check out

Leverage your Data.

We work in a lean manner, making sure that you have your first results within weeks rather than months. Not happy with the results after the first sprint of two weeks? Then you do not have to pay.

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