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Consult us on any data related challenges you are facing. We can help improve insights, performance and the quality of your analysis software.

To help you analyze your situation to make the right, data-driven decisions
1-3 months
A significant and valuable increase in knowledge for your company is always part of the outcome.
Why BiteStreams?
From picking database technologies to deploying a professional machine learning pipeline: it is non-trivial, and we have done it

What this service is about

As a business you gain a lot of knowledge about your problem domain. Many businesses need technology to support their product or service, and have leveraged software to improve its quality. As described in software development service, this technology often gets pushed to its limits as your business grows. This forces the team to make big decisions that will impact the focus of the team for a significant amount of time:

  • Do we need to partition or replicate our database, with the risk of losing consistency or availability
  • Our deployment process is eating up a lot of our time, how can we mitigate this as the team grows?
  • The performance of my relational database is not satisfactory, should I switch to a different technology to optimize for reads/writes?
  • Adding features is becoming too hard, which design changes and practices can we implement to pick up the pace again?
  • PostgreSQL or MongoDB? Apache Kafka or RabbitMQ? Event driven or event sourced?
  • I have no insight into my application performance, how do I create reliable insights?

These decisions should be made with proper consideration. However, teams often do not have the time, knowledge or the experience to make the correct ones.

What we can do for you

From big data challenges to software optimisation, BiteStreams helps you find the right technology and the right approach to your complex challenges. We step in when you need to scale your system, streamline your development process or optimize your bottleneck service. We do this by analysing your issue and reviewing possible solutions in a structured manner. We work in close collaboration with your team, since each business has different requirements and a specific set of in-house skills to implement the best solution. This makes sure you are not wasting your time with us or, worse, head down a long path that is doomed to produce no results from the start. If you lack the capacity to carry out these major changes, you can always check out our software development service!

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