Extract more Value from your Data

With BiteStreams, you have a team of data specialists at your disposal to develop modern data infrastructure with the best practices.

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Create Data-Driven Insights and Enable Data Analytics for Customers

As organizations experience growth, they encounter both challenges and opportunities in employing data.

Work more data-driven

Every company has valuable data, however it is a challenge to use it in practice. Develop yourself to become more data-driven, become more efficient and make key decisions backed up by data.

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Empower your customers with insights

Customers are increasingly having questions about their data. Proactively approach and share insights with your customers on an account and market level.

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Craft more effective dashboards

Your organization has many dashboards available, but they are not used by many. Create user-friendly dashboards and democratize data in your organization.

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Our Data Agency enables Data Driven Development for any Organization

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Data Opportunity Scan

Interested in data & AI? Want to utilise your internal data but don’t know yet where to start? Do the data scan and find out this week how to shape your data roadmap.

Full Stack Data Team on Demand

Build a data platform and become more data driven as a company. Organise and model your data to create a single source of truth.

Train your Team

Learn how to become data driven, upskill your tech team and create actionable dashboards.

Our Expertise

Data Strategy Consulting

Formulate how data can become one of the most valuable assets of your business in the future.

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineers build and manage data infrastructures that empower data insight for organisations.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock business potential with advanced analytics. Stop relying only on intuition with data-informed decision-making.

Data Science & AI

Get next level insights into your data landscape, empowering end-users to answer their own questions.

Little was needed to get the BiteStreams team up and running on the project, of which they took ownership from the get-go. Communication was clear and any hurdles were solved in no time. They transferred their knowledge well, ensuring we can continue becoming more data-driven in the future.

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Philip Høeg Kildegaard, COO
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Case studies

Get inspired by some of the work we have done.

What sets us apart

Immediate and Impactful Solutions
Our data agency focuses on delivering data solutions that have an immediate and significant impact on your business. We prioritize practical results over using trendy technologies or over-complicated solutions.
Hands-on Approach
We use a hands-on approach instead of presenting theoretical PowerPoint slides. Our team conducts a strategic assessment of your situation and begins building practical solutions in an agile manner.
Deep Sector Knowledge
We take the time to fully comprehend the unique dynamics and challenges of your industry. With this knowledge, we pinpoint key areas for improvement and proactively steer clear of common pitfalls.
Knowledge Sharing
We believe in sharing knowledge and empowering our customers. We actively exchange best practices, providing you with the necessary insights to swiftly adapt and excel in leveraging data.

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In our content we share our expertise, actionable strategies, and real-world stories that will guide and help you to achieving data-driven success.

Expertise in proven technologies

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Apache Spark

Our solution partners

Rhite is an expert in Privacy by Design and Responsible AI. Rhite helps BiteStreams to provide quality solutions to customers in terms of Privacy and Security. They also help with Responsible AI by making sure the solutions comply with the soon-to-come AI act and to comply in general with any legal, ethical and technical requirements. Through Rhite, we can also provide audits on our AI models.

Amsterdam AI Solutions is an expert in AI, ranging from machine learning methods like clustering or SVMs to deep generative modeling. With Amsterdam AI Solutions as an advisory partner, BiteStreams can call in an expert opinion on state-of-the-art models for computer vision, health, chemistry/biology, banking, robotics, and sport performance. Through them, we can also provide AI strategy roadmap analysis, problem analysis, and coaching.